ACPEIP (»China RoHS«) – Information on Labeling

Marking/ Labeling scope EIP

The labeling is mandatory from March 1, 2007 on.


According to the Q&A published on MII website (, and the most recent Standard on Marking SJ/T11364, section 4 General Rules, for electronic information products (EIP) that are purchased for manufacturing, e.g. passive components, suppliers need not provide the aforementioned marking, but shall supply to the purchaser all necessary information required for marking. However, information on hazardous material content has to be provided to customer. This information can hereby be provided via Internet or any other appropriate electronic or paper based version, if there is no internet access at the purchaser’s location.

The relevant information on EPCOS products is published under Correspondingly, our customers are obliged to mark the electronic information products they manufacture.

Marking/ Labeling for packaging

Packages of EIP do not have to be labeled according to GB 18455-2001, if the package is not used for separate sale to an end-customer

Marking formalities

For those EIP with mandatory labeling (see comment Marking / Labeling Scope EIP) the green label (Fig. 1) applies when the EIP does not contain any of the restricted substances above their thresholds. The green "e" label is mandatory if it applies.

For those EIP that contain these substances, or one of these, above their thresholds, the orange label applies (Fig. 2). The number inside is the so-called EFUP (Environmentally friendly use period) indicating the period in years from date of manufacturing in which no hazardous substance is released to the environment. The EU RoHS exemptions are not considered, thus the respective EIP would have to be labeled in orange incl. EFUP according to the regulation.
The labels do not necessarily have to be colored and can also be black/white or of the same color as the product, e.g. when printed on the housing.

Based on experience, knowledge of the materials used for passive components and physical and chemical considerations the ZVEI members of the components industry decided on an EFUP of 50 years for their product range.